Bay Sleep Clinic is dedicated to helping you achieve a good night's sleep. Most insurance companies consider sleep studies an effective means of reducing overall health care cost. We are ready to serve you in 15 locations throughout California.

  • Is operated under the expert direction of highly trained specialists.
  • Administers state of the art diagnostic tests, as ordered by referring physicians.
  • Provides monitoring during a complete sleep cycle in our fully equipped, comfortable setting.
  • Scores results using the latest standard techniques and reports results promptly.
  • Your condition is diagnosed by board certified Sleep Specialists (AASM)

  • Receive the ultimate care and personal attention.
  • Are monitored by well-trained and concerned staff in a state of the art environment.
  • Enjoy complete discretion and privacy with maximum comfort.
  • Flexible appointments
  • Private bedrooms for overnight or daytime sleep study
  • Convenient locations throughout California
  • Quick results
  • Highly trained, friendly, understanding staff

Sleep Questionnaire
Do you snore or wake up tired?
Do you have high blood pressure?
Do you have a weight problem?
Are you depressed?
Are you forgetful?